Feeding assessments are carried out at The Children’s Clinic in Bondi Junction and Randwick Specialists in Randwick.

During the assessment, the baby/child and at least one of the parents are present. The initial assessment can take up to 60 minutes. Mandy-Lee will cover your child’s full medical, feeding and developmental history. She will also conduct a full clinical assessment to assess if there are any signs of aspiration and if your child is safe to eat and drink their current diet. Mandy-Lee will also conduct a thorough examination of your baby/child's oral structures and a complete oral motor assessment will be carried out. She will also measure your baby/child's weight and length to ensure that they are growing appropriately.

You will be asked to bring in the parent questionnaire form and food diary that will be sent out to you on making an appointment. You will also be asked to bring in your child’s favourite/accepted food as well as foods that are challenging, difficult and rejected by your child. This will enable Mandy-Lee to assess your baby/child’s oral motor and oral sensory abilities. Mandy-Lee will observe your baby/child eating and drinking. She will then observe your child’s responses to new/challenging foods, their engagement with food, and their challenging feeding behaviours around food, how the parents interact and respond around food and mealtimes.

Mandy-Lee will also look at your baby/child's current diet to ensure that it is nutritionally appropriate for their age and stage of life.

On leaving the assessment, you will be given written recommendations that are developed from the findings of the assessment so that treatment can commence as soon as you leave the assessment.

You will also be given a follow-up appointment for therapy/treatment, if and as needed.

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