Starting solids

Starting solids can be a very exciting time in yours and your baby’s…

Starting solids can be a very exciting time in yours and your baby’s life. Sometimes, it just doesn’t go to plan and can land up being stressful with limited progression in your child’s eating and skills. As parents and carers it may be worth looking for support if you are:

  • Unsure of what foods to offer your baby and when to offer them.
  • Finding mealtimes stressful.
  • Offering a large variety of foods without success.
  • Offering pureed food due to ongoing gagging or refusal of mashed or finger foods.
  • Concerned that your child might choke.

It may be worth seeking assistance if your baby is:

  • Refusing puree foods or refusing the spoon.
  • Only eating smooth (store bought) purées -refusing or gagging on lumpy/mashed textured foods.
  • Difficulties moving from purées onto finger foods.
  • Refusing to touch or bring finger foods to their mouth.
  • Gagging on foods.
  • Difficulties chewing foods.
  • Spitting out food.
  • Difficulties swallowing.
  • Crying or distressed at mealtimes.
  • Refusing to sit in the high chair.
  • Mealtimes taking an extended period of time.

If you are concerned about your baby’s progression onto purées and finger foods, it is important to seek support and guidance as delaying the introduction and progression onto finger foods can result in an oral motor delay and nutritional compromise.

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