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Fussy eating usually isn’t something that a child outgrows. Usually…

Fussy eating usually isn’t something that a child outgrows. Usually, their repertoire of foods remains limited or they may become more restricted over time.

Fussy eaters don’t always have poor weight gain so they are often missed or parents don’t seek help as they are told that their child is ‘thriving’. Often parents are enduring difficult mealtimes and mealtime behaviours, increasing their stress and anxiety around meals.
There are some key signs when to seek help:

  • Is your child stuck on a limited selection of foods?
  • Is your child's repertoire of foods less than 20 foods?
  • Is your child anxious around food and mealtimes?
  • Is your child avoiding whole food groups?
  • Is your child sticking to the same safe foods everyday?
  • Does your child feel isolated and is their fussiness affecting their daily life e.g play dates and parties?

As a parent/carer are you:

  • Stressed about your child’s intake
  • Finding mealtimes stressful and experiencing heightened anxiety
  • Repeating the same foods as your child won’t eat anything else
  • Having arguments around mealtimes and getting your child to the table

If any of the above sound familiar, it is advisable to reach out for support and guidance on how to improve your child’s eating.

It's time to take action

It's important to understand that they are not simply "just a picky eater" and won't outgrow it on their own.

We encourage you to keep a weekly food diary, documenting everything they eat.

If the list falls short of 20 foods, it's advisable to reach out to a feeding therapist for specialized guidance and support.

Together, we can help your child expand their food choices and foster a healthy relationship with eating.

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