Breast & bottle feeding difficulties

There are various signs of breast and bottle feeding difficulties. Signs to look for in your baby include:

  • Having difficulty with attachment to the breast or bottle.
  • Making a clicking noise while feeding.
  • Spilling milk out of the front of their mouth during feeding.
  • Taking a very long time to feed or complete a bottle.
  • Falling asleep before taking an adequate volume.
  • Not taking sufficient volume at feeds due to refusing to feed or getting tired while feeding.
  • Only feeding while they are asleep or in a drowsy state.
  • Constantly crying or become distressed during or after feeds.
  • Having poor weight gain.
  • Coughing during feeds.
  • Sounding wheezy, rattly or wet sounding cry during or after feeds.

As a parent/carer it is recommended to get assistance if you are:

  • Experiencing pain during breast feeding and mastitis.
  • Finding it stressful and difficult to feed your baby.
  • Spending extended periods of time feeding.
  • Concerned about your baby’s behaviours around feeding time and after feeding.
  • Worried about your baby’s intake and volume.
  • Concerned about your baby’s weight gain.
  • Concerned about how distressed your baby is at feed times.

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