Speech Pathology appointment rebates can be claimed via the

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS),
  • Private health funds (if speech pathology is listed on your cover) or
  • Medicare (conditions apply - see below).

Medicare EPC rebates - Only GPs can decide if you are eligible for this rebate.

In order to qualify for the 5 visits annually clients will need to qualify for a GP Management Care Plan first, then a TCA - Team Care arrangement. If they qualify for both of these, then they access the Enhanced Primary Care program which will give 5 annual visits each calendar year.

  • GP Management Care Plan - To qualify for a care plan, a client needs to have a chronic care disease that will be ongoing for 6 months or longer or have a terminal illness. Feeding issues on their own are not considered a chronic disease.
  • Team Care Arrangement - If you qualify for the GP Management Care Plan, clients then need to currently see 2 other health care providers apart from their GP. Both who provide different kinds of treatment. These providers can be specialist or allied health providers. For feeding issues, this might be a Speech Pathologist and a Dietitian.

Patients cannot obtain an EPC - Enhanced Primary Care referral for Speech Pathology if they do not qualify for both the GP Management Care Plan and the Team Care Arrangement.

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