Chewing and swallowing difficulties

There are numerous causes of chewing and swallowing difficulties in babies and children and establishing the cause is essential to developing a treatment plan.

The behaviours below are common signs of chewing and swallowing difficulties:

  • Holding food in their mouth or storing it in their cheeks.
  • Attempting to chew food and then spitting it out.
  • Gagging or choking on foods.
  • Avoiding harder foods and foods that require chewing.
  • Preferring to eat puree or soft textured foods.
  • Coughing during eating or drinking.
  • Sounding wheezy, rattly or having a wet sound voice or cry during or after feeds.
  • Diagnosed with a tongue tie.
  • Diagnosed with a tongue thrust.

From a parents/carers perspective, are you:

  • Constantly reminding your child to chew their food.
  • Concerned about your child choking.
  • Concerned about the volume of food eaten.
  • Concerned about their nutritional intake.
  • Offering puree or soft textured foods most of the time.

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