When to seek help from a Paediatric Feeding Specialist

Fussy Eating

Imagine living a life on ‘high alert!’ Your body constantly perceiving the world as a dangerous place and the perception of normal stimuli and everyday occurrences are perceived as stressful situations. Living a life where auditory, visual, olfactory, proprioceptive and tactile stimuli are perceived as noxious whether they are threatening or not…

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‘Try it you will like it!’  ‘I just wish you would try something new!’ ‘You can’t survive on plain pasta and cheese!’ ‘Why can’t you eat something with some nutritional value?’

Does this sound like mealtimes in your house? If so your child may have an underlying sensory or motor feeding difficulty which is affecting their willingness to eat a range of foods or causing them to be selective in terms of the types and textures of foods that they eat.

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